Seed Sales

Types of CBD Strain Seed that We Sell

Otto #2 Cross with BaOx

Otto #2 Cross with BaOx is a high CBD Hemp cultivator breed in Colorado and selected for early harvest and high levels of CBD resin production. Otto #2 Cross with BaOx is based on selection from an inbred-line of Hindu Kush and the Otto II seed. This seed has been back crossed and stabilized for high CBD expression and fast flowering time and dense bud structures. The Boax is fast growing, vigorous, uniform in height, and breads true for the high-CBD chemotype(chemical make-up). Linage (Hindu Kush x Otto II)
CBD: 9.2% – 14%
THC: Under 0.3%
Height: 6-11’
Harvest: 100-120 days from planting to harvest depending on region.

Carolina Dream

Carolina Dream
With an earthy smell and hints of lavender, Carolina Dream is a heavy hybrid that provides relief to a variety of symptoms, some of which include insomnia, stress, and aches. Bred from Cannatonic & AC/DC this strain combines the best of CBD to provide fast and flavorful relief.
CBD: 14% – 19%
THC: Under 0.3%
Height: 7-12
Harvest: 90-120 days from planting to harvest depending on region.

Wild Bourbon

Wild Bourbon
Wild Bourbon is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred for its low THC percentages and uplifting effects. A cross between AC/DC and Sour Tsunami, Wild Bourbon’s high CBD percentage can help treat anxiety, pain, inflammation, and maintain homeostasis, all with a clear head.
CBD: 13% – 20%
THC: Under 0.3%
Height: 6-11’
Harvest: 85-115 days from planting to harvest depending on region.

Golden Redwood

Golden Redwood
Golden Redwood, a high CBD cross between Sour Tsunami and Cannatonic. Its relaxing effects are subtle, providing a calming experience that eases the muscles into relaxation without mental cloudiness.
CBD: 11% – 17%
THC: Under 0.3%
Height: 7-14’
Harvest: 80-110 days from planting to harvest depending on region.


Why we use non-feminized hemp seeds

There is currently a lot of disagreement and controversy in the hemp world around the subject of ‘feminized’ seed. Hemp and cannabis oil production requires the female plant to produce flower/biomass and oil at peak levels.

When male plants pollinate female plants, energy is diverted from oil production to seed production, which significantly reduces the quantity and quality of flower, biomass and oil.

‘Feminized’ seeds were created to eliminate the growth of male plants and avoid the process of removing males from a crop before pollination can occur.
‘Feminized’ seeds are treated with colloidal silver, silver nitrate, or silver thiosulfate to produce predominantly female plants. From thousands of seeds, a feminized seed is intended to produce a tiny percentage of male plants, compared to seeds that are not treated with this method. Non-feminized hemp seeds will produce a far higher percentage of male plants.

So which is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using feminized and non-feminized seeds (seeds that are not chemically treated)?

Advantages of feminized seed

  • Feminized seed produces mostly female plants.
  • Fewer male plants means less males to remove.

Disdvantages of feminized seed

  • Feminized seed produces mostly female plants.
  • Feminized seeds are more expensive than natural seeds. Cost per acre is $25,000 per lb or more!
  • Feminized seeds are still capable of producing males, so you have to remain vigilant. Even one male can ruin your crop.
  • With feminized seed, the lack of males in the field confuses the females and some will even transform into a hermaphrodite and release pollen.
  • The farmer is unable to grow his own seed from his own crops and must repurchase feminized seed annually, greatly increasing his annual crop costs.
  • The jury is still out on the genetic implications of colloidal silver and other silver-based feminizing agents when applied to the seed producing plants.
  • Low quality seeds are being sold as feminized but are in fact producing large percentages of male plants.
  • Feminized seed is sterile, is unable to climatize to specific microclimates.

Advantages of Unfeminized/Natural hemp seed

  • Lower cost. The cost to buy these seeds is about $2,500.00 - $5,000.00 per acre or 10% less than feminized seeds.
  • No chemicals required to produce.
  • Farmers can produce their own seed year after year.
  • Female plants are healthier and more robust in the presence of male hemp plants during vegetative growth.
  • Natural hemp plants can climatize significantly in one to two generations.

Disadvantages of Unfeminized/natural hemp seeds

  • Large numbers of males must be removed before pollination occurs.
  • Uneven canopy that can result in the water, land, and nutrient waste.

What about clones?

Why not just buy or make female clones and eliminate the problem? Yes, that’s a great option. Clones do make life easier but they are not a cure-all.

  • Clones cost substantially more to buy per unit than regular or even feminized seeds.
  • You can always make clones yourself, but you’ll need an indoor temperature and humidity-controlled area with additional equipment, knowledge, and labor.
  • Clones will not give you as large or as productive a plant as growing from seed. Clones lack a tap root resulting in a less stability. From seed you get a deep tap root that matches the stalk.
  • Clones share the same DNA, so each plant will have the same weaknesses making any diseases or problems easy to spread.


The hemp industry is the most exciting, emerging industry today. But in any new industry there is bound to be a lot of confusion and misinformation. At AgraPharm, we believe an educated customer is our best customer because they choose our products out of knowledge rather than ignorance, marketing or the latest craze.

Are feminized hemp seeds the way forward? We think that’s possible; but to this point, we haven’t seen that the added expense and risk is worth it...yet! With proper inspection and culling techniques males can be safely removed before they release pollen. The “secret” to controlling male growth is to insure that you only plant/cultivate an area which is managable. For many new Hemp farmers, we suggest that your first year farm/fields are less than 10 acres....preferably less than 5 acres.

Most hemp farmers purchase unfeminized seeds for these reasons. We have a large stock of unfeminized seed available for bulk purchases. Don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about buying wholesale seed.