Drying Services

Hemp Drying Services

Planting and cultivation of Hemp seeds/clones/etc is easy when compared to the real bottleneck in hemp farming. Harvesting and Drying. For those farmers who are growing Industrial Hemp for CBD Extraction, the harvesting of CBD hemp is paramount! Proper harvesting and drying and CBD Hemp allows for the highest CBD concentration in the female flowers. Harvesting must be accomplished at the beginning of the seed set.

Post-Harvest Handling includes the following methods:

(a) Air-dried

(b) Heat-dried

(c) Ensiling

Each type of drying method has its pros & cons, however, it is important to remember that Quick Drying prevents mold from forming and the loss of your biomass. For many farmers beginning the new 2019 growing season, drying has become the number one issue in the grow process. If the biomass is not dried, the farmer will not have product to sell to a wholesale purchaser or processor.

AgraPharm Development is ready to assist hemp farmers with their drying needs!

Our company can continuously dry large quantities of freshly-harvested plant material in a short period of time, and without requiring much production footprint.

Headquartered in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, AgraPharm Development LLC was founded in 2019 to provide efficient, secure, and comprehensive hemp handling services. We are “strategic partners” for Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Eastern Ohio farmers looking for post-harvest handling solutions.

This is a brand-new industry, and many farmers have no contacts or knowledge of what to do after harvesting their crops. AgraPharm Development provides the solution – farmers grow the hemp, and our company handles the drying and bucking of wet biomass.

Hemp drying requirements:

Input moisture:80-85%
Out put moisture:8-10%
The drying temperature:30-40℃ (86-104 degrees F)

Features of Our Hemp Drying Machine:

1. Fully automatic continuous feeding and discharging to meet large-scale production needs.
2. Drying Temperature and operating speed can be precisely controlled.
3. The movable door design is convenient for cleaning and observing the drying effect.
4. Dehumidify quickly,High production efficiency and good drying effect.

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Potentially Useful Links

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Hemp Harvesting Assistance

In addition to our Drying Services, AgraPharm Development is offering limited harvesting assistance services to farmers who need to harvest their biomass in a quick and efficient manner.

AgraPharm Development can offer the services of our harvester designed to cut the stalk at near ground level, orient the stalk perpendicular to the direction of travel, and positively convey it by special “gripper” chain to a wagon or trailer which is pulled alongside the harvester. This mechanism reduces man power and expense during the harvest season.

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